Headache Underlying Problem:

Step 1: Start A Headache Journal

This might sound ridiculous but its good to track your problems genesis.

  • When the headache occurred.
  • Where the pain was on your head, face, and/or neck.
  • The intensity of the headache. You could use a personal rating scale from one to ten where you’ve defined each level based on your personal experience.
  • What activities you were involved in when the headache started, including where you were.
  • A note on how well you slept the night before you experienced the headache.
  • A note on what you ate, drank, heard, or smelled in the 24 hours leading up to the headache.
  • A note on how you were feeling before the headache started.
  • Any other points that you may find useful.

Click Here to Download Polycare Headache Journal.Pdf

Step 2: Set Up Your Work Station To Be Ergonomically Correct

  • You should never have to turn your head, or look up or down, when looking at your computer monitor.
  • You should not have to reach far to access your keyboard and mouse.
  • When you sit in your office chair, no part of your body should have to reach anywhere in order to sit in a relaxed position.
  • You should never hold a phone between your shoulder and ear.

Click Here to Download Polycare Work Station Posture.Pdf

Step 3:  Use Pillows and Mattress To Support Your Body

Polycare pillow If you aren’t sure if your mattress is firm enough, try our camping experiment, sleep on the floor or on a camping mattress for a couple of days. let us know how you feel after that.








Step 4: Treat Your Muscles With Respect

  • Lift with your legs and not your back!
  • Take frequent breaks when you’re in the same position for a long period of time.
  • Purposely relax your muscles and take several deep breaths every now and again.

come in we give you more advice on this.


Step 5 : Take A Multivitamin

  • The right quantities of vitamins and how regular they are are a good place to start. Help your body get what it needs to function properly

Step 6: Stay Hydrated

  • If you’ve ever talked to a doctor, nurse, nutritionist, massage therapist or other practitioner, you’ve probably been told to drink more water at some point in your life! In general an adult should drink eight glasses or two quarts of water per day. And that amount should be increased if your exercising or if it’s really hot and you are sweating.
  • is there something as too much water then come in we have a chat.

Step 7: Adjust Your Caffeine Intake

  • Did you know most headache medications include caffeine as an ingredient?
  • This is because caffeine can help a headache initially, but if you consume too much on a daily basis, the caffeine actually causes more muscle tension and other internal problems.
  • How much caffeine do you take in a day?

Step 8: See your doctor

  • Discuss any Physical or emotional problems that may be a cause of headaches



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